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Automatic PLC Coiling And Wrapping Machine

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Automatic PLC Coiling And Wrapping Machine



It is suitable for the coiling and film wrapping of wire.



1.High efficiency ,combined coiling & film wrapping ,save labour cost.

2.The finished products are packed neatly ,helping the sales of BV wire.

3.The utilization of equipment is increased and rewinding and package machines can be saved.

4.It can be aligned with the whole extrusion line or rewinding independently according to

user’s real situation.




Model type YPJB1246 YPJB1860
Traverse height(mm) 40-100 60-180
Colier max OD(mm) 400 600
Colier min OD(mm) 140-200 200-300
Range of wire(mm) Φ1-5 Φ2-16
Speed(m/min) 200 150
Wrapping speed(pcs/min) 2 1.5


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