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High Quality Shaftless Take-up Pay-off Machine

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Shaftless Take-up(Pay-off ) Machine

They are mainly used to roll all kings of cables.

Machine model HH-1250 HH-1600 HH-2000 HH-2500 HH-3150
Spec. of suitable wire coil(mm) 800-1250 800-1600 1250-2000 1600-2500 1600-3150
With of suitable wire coil(mm) 600-950 600-1180 950-1500 1180-1900 1180-2300
Diameter of suitable cable(mm) <=25 <=35 <=50 <=60 <=100
Max load capacity 4T 5T 10T 12T 18T
Take-up speed(rpm) 18.8-47.6 18.8-47.6 6-15.5 6-15.5 3.27-13.79
Elevating motor(kw) 1.1 1.1 1.5 1.5 2.2
Moving motor(kw) 0.75 0.75 1.1 1.1 1.5
Take-up torque motor JLJ132-40/4 JLJ132-40/4 JLJ160-60/6 JLJ160-60/6 JLJ160-60/6
Traversing unit Screw rod
Traversing pitch(mm) 5-40 4-40 10-80 10-100 25-140

Spare Parts Brands:
Motor: Teco, ABB, Siemens
Inverter : Japan Yaskawa, Siemens, Taiwan Teco
Temperature Control Meter: Japan RKC;
Auxiliary Relay: Japan Omron ;
Ammeter and Voltmeter: Taiwan Risesun ;
Indicator, Switch and Button: Taiwan TEND ;
Contactor: Taiwan Shihlin

Afetr service
1).Delivery dates: 45 days
2).Payment: TT or L/C
3).Packing: Wood packing and PE plastic packing ensure the goods safety on the transportation.
4). Install and training service: 2 professional engineers who has over 5 years overseas install and cable manufacture training experience.
5) after service phone number online
Contact information
Add:No.Beice District, Humen Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province,China

If the machine is not suitable for your wire spec., please contact me.

Why us?
1.We are the cable equipment manufacturer.
2.Professional engineer,long term to research and development for to cable equipment .
3.High frequency capacity manufacturer machine is provide .Guarantee the machine all weather running .
4.Our machine use the international qualified brand,like Siemens ,Omron,NSK,LG etc.
5.Install and training service.Guarantee overseas install and cable manufacture training experience.
6.Technical support and spare parts service.

Professional and Strong Manufacture and Sells Team

Team of GEM YOUNG service
Name education Position Mainly responsible for project Specializing in project Industry working history ( year )
zanyang Xie college General Engineer The total project design and planning power cable machine 15
xioahua Hu college Vis general engineer The total project design and planning net cable,data cable machine 10
Chnaghong Cheng college Engineer Drawings and after-sales service Teflon,Optical fiber cable machine 25
xiuwu Chen college General Engineer The total project design and planning copper drawing machine 15
lixin Yuan college Engineer The project design and planning coppwer wire making technical 16
zhenghai Qiu college cable engineer After service cable making and cable factory management servie 15
jinxin Liu college Marketing engineer After service electrical engineer 7
xingguo Tang High school Electrical engineer After service electrical engineer 10
changqiang Li High school Maintain engineer After service machina maintain and install service 10
haipin Li University Engineering director Marketing and sales project consulting 8
sen Yang University Engineering translator Marketing and sales project consulting 5



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