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High Speed Winding & Braiding Machine

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High Speed Winding & Braiding Machine



Applicable to computers,mobile phones,televisions,tape recorders,audio systems,electronics,

such as shielding circuit.





Main shaft speed 800rpm
Power 2HP 4line 3phase 380V
Inverter 2HP stepless control(from Taiwan)
Core size Φ0.5mm-Φ4.0mm
Copper core size Φ0.06mm-Φ0.18mm
Twist distance 8.5mm-40.0mm
Pay-off spool size Φ400mm
Take-up spool size Φ400mm
Workbench take-up size 56pan × D130 × D60 × inside 120mm × hole Φ20mm
Weight 622kg


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