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Metal composite belt longitudinal taping machine and related auxiliary equipment

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Aluminium composite belt longitudinal taping machine and related auxiliary equipment


1.Double disk with A device

(A, B equipment according to the need to choose)

A.The SPD – 300 double disk with frame

This device can be the overall electric lift up and down,

rotate 180 degrees in plate,

Adopt magnetic powder brake control reel tension,

in the plate easily

Main technical parameters of tape coiling:

Hole diameter: F50

The Max tap bobbin size:diameter ≥F1200´tap width 250mm

Tap bobbin quantity:2 bobbin

Motor power:0.55KW

Magnetic powder clutch:0.6KG



B: SP – 300 type double disk with tap bobbin frame

This device can rotate 180 degrees in plate, controlled by magnetic powder brake reel tension.

The main specification:

Center height:550mm

Hole diameter: F50

Center high:550mm

Hole diameter: F50

The MAX taping bobbin: Diameter≥F1000´tap width250mm

Bobbin quantity: 2

Magnetic powder clutch:0.6KG


2.Accumulater(A.B can chose as you need)

This device can provide 80 m long accumulate with aluminum tape, to avoid the aluminum belt misalignment fold and fault belt


A. The CDX – 300 – H Accumulate box

Accumulate motor power:0.75KW

The max accumulate tape width: 550mm

The conveyor belt motor power:0.55KW


Inlet wire: pneumatic

The belt wire pressing way: pneumatic

The belt tension method: 0.6 kg powder

Reservoir thickness: aluminum with 0.4 mm

(0.3 mm steel belt)


B, CDX – 300 type accumulate box

The motor power: 0.75 kw

Largest store belt width: 300 mm

Overall dimensions (length * width * height) : 1200 * 400 * 1200


3. Bring up the device (BND metal thin with special spot welder)

This device in the form of spot welding to welding of aluminum tape, the shielding layer for conduction.

Welding capacity: 15 KVA

Welding time: 0.1 ~ 9.99 s

Aluminum strip thickness: 0.25 + 0.25 mm



4. The vertical bag forming, hot air welding device (ZBJ – 3200 type smooth with longitudinal flight)

Structure features: 4.1 the longitudinal BaoMo, sizing die, hot air welding torch interface, forming dies and moulds of bracket.

4.2 the main technical indicators:

2 largest cable diameter: 85 mm;

4.2.2 longitudinal BaoMo for cylindrical horn die;

Maximum linear velocity holdings: 60 m/min;

4.2.4 heating power: 9 kw;

4.2.5 longitudinal package work platform: 1700 mm;

4.2.6 aluminum-plastic composite belt thickness: 0.1 mm to 0.5 mm;

4.2.7 with forming die of one specification.




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