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Microcomputer Coiling Machine

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Microcomputer Coiling Machine



Auto-coiling wire from an extrusion line or from the pay-off machine.

Screen touch graphic operation terminal makes it easy to operate.

Servo motor Flexible system produces coil with smooth surface.

The machine will automatically detect the fault,and give alarm.

You may input and keep 99types of coil data in the PLC memory.

It is unnecessary to adjust any device when change coil size to another.



Machine model C0836 C1246 C1860 C2480
Height(mm) 40-80 50-120 60-180 80-240
Outside diameter(mm) 180-360 200-460 220-600 300-800
Inside diameter(mm) 120-200 140-220 180-250 250-320
Cable diameter(mm) 0.8-6.0 1-12 5-15 10-25
Rotation speed(rpm) 1000 800 700 7


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