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Microcomputer Precision Cutting Machine

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Microcomputer Precision Cutting Machine



Apply to all kinds of wire cable length fix cutting.



Adopt PLC microcomputer + servo system + pneumatic control,consitute of strengthen device,meter

counting device,belt drive system,wire cutting device ,wire feeling device ,belt dragging

device and wire push device.Cutting length ,wire quality of each bundle and accumulating length

can be set freely.



Application Apply to all kinds of power cable,plug wire and electric

connection cables cutting and tie into bundles.

Cutting capacity Round cable Φ4.0mm-Φ14mm,Fat cable 2.0 × 4.0mm-11 × 24mm
Min.removal of length 600mm
Cable drawing way Pneumatic push wire
Max speed 240m/min
Length range 600-99999mm(max) adjustable
Cutting precision ±3m
Cable feeling way Iron shaft,wooden shaft,constant tension giving wire.
Cable feeling diameter A,Φ1000-Φ1200mm.B,Φ1200-Φ1400mm
Main configuration Dynamic wire pay-off machine,tension stand ,cutter main unit,electric control

box,convey platform

Dynamic Wire pay-off machine 2HPVS ,main unit 3HP ,

conveyer platform 2HP inverter speed control

Power 3 phase 380V,frequency 50HZ


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