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NC Single(Double) Vertical Taping Machine

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NC Single(Double) Vertical Taping Machine




Suitable for be tapped frequency data cables of DVI ,HDMI ,ATA ,SATA ,IEEE1394,and completing

shrinkable-hot belt and heating the stick.



Machine model Φ500 number control type double layer/single vertical taping machine
Core specification AWG32-AWG20
Taping material Aluminum foil tape,ALPET,cotton paper tape,transparent tape,mica tape,Teflon tape
Max .rpm Max 2000rpm /max 28m/min
Power Adjust the speed by 1HP motor drivers,taping reel and traction motor linkage
Taping tension Taping tension keep constant from begin to end
Take-up tension Take-up tension keep constant from begin to end
Heat oven Mobile telescopic hot oven,RKC temperature control,temperature tolerance :±1℃
Pay-off type Axle take-up ,wire no push /pull injury qualifying process ,row width and row spacing is set according to the specification of wire of arbitrary
Shaft of pay-off Φ300-Φ500 general shaft
Shaft of take-up Φ400-Φ630 general shaft
Size of overall 4150×1400×1900
Weight 2t



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